The origins of the term “chop house” is a classic one derived from the European continent, and its common understanding today is a restaurant that specialises in serving prime steaks and chops expertly sourced and butchered.

While staying true to that definition, Luke's has expanded its offering to include “seafood” – of which Chef Travis imports the freshest directly from his hometown in Boston, USA. He also has a farming project in the Highlands of Malaysia, one that has justifiably put him on the map as the region's foremost purveyor of specialty heirloom tomatoes and heritage produce.

As an essential companion to any meal, the wine and beverage selection is a unique assemblage of the greatest wines from around the world, particularly focused on the regions of Champagne,

the Loire, Burgundy and Western Australia. Similarly, the cocktails are inspired renditions of the classics, made with the freshest fruit purees and garden herbs. Two certified Sommeliers are also on hand to share their expertise on what goes best with your choice of food.

Quite often, you will find something new at Luke's, as its menu changes over time according to its seasons. This is a function of nature and its rhythms, and it is this evolving diversity that enables Luke's to be delightfully different.